Monday, 5 May 2014

The Big City

New York City. That is the place I am existing for the minute.

I've been here since Jan eighth 2014. So its been around a month and a half. Its been a fabulous month and an a large portion of, its additionally been brimming with self uncertainty, espresso, early mornings, late nights, uncomfortable minutes, companions.

It is an abnormal spot to be. I've cherished the motion picture "crash" since the first occasion when I saw it, however I could never completely like the title until living here. Individuals collide with one another without a thought, I use the vast majority of my days pressed up against individuals in the tram, at tryouts, passing the many individuals in the city. At the same time the absence of human contact is astounding. I'm not one for human contact, nobody might ever portray me as a "hugger". However what's unusual is, a direct result of all the colliding with individuals in this city, I'm ending up yearning for a genuine association. To collide with somebody intentionally.

I've been brought together with my closest  companions. I've had numerous extraordinary individuals throughout my life yet there have dependably been these three, and I know there dependably will be. They have acquainted me with some other fabulous people while being here, some who have officially left the city. I'm cherishing the memories we have been making, and the help we impart to one another.

Concerning auditioning, its moderate until further notice. I realized that it might be. I came in January so I could acclimate to life here, not realizing that it might take me a matter of days to feel like this city was a piece of me. I'm anticipating March and April, when I can go from trial to tryout. Until then, you can discover me seeing a show, at the rec center, living in a charm tent and so on, and so on.

Scaffolds OF MADISON COUNTY! I saw this show opening day (My flat mate plays Kelly O'hara's girl) and I was blown away. The music is astonishing, the sort of music you can't quit singing when you leave the theater. What's more the work of the performers is enchantment. I sat in the theater shouting and yelling, considering "This is the reason individuals do musical theater". The combo of such a variety of distinctive works of art in front of an audience, is... I wish I had a more expressive word, yet its enchantment. I feel so humbled to have seen such incredible on-screen characters yet their heart into such an extraordinary bit of work. Go hear it out!